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Alley Cat #17

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(1) The Teacher Story
There were 24 students and 2 teachers. How many students were in each class (if the classes were the same size)?
(2) Passengers
There are four cars. Each car has three passengers. How many passengers are there in all?
(3) People
There were 2,005 people and 14 left. How many are there now?
(4) Presents
Five presents were under the tree. Each present was wrapped in paper with 4 red stripes. How many stripes were under the tree?
(5) Snowmen
My family made groups of 5 snowmen in 8 yards. How many snowmen were made all together?
(6) Christmas Cookies
My mom baked Christmas cookies. She made 2 Christmas tree cookies. Each tree used 5 green sprinkles. How many sprinkles does she need?
(7) Toys
There are 4 pairs of roller blades. Each pair needs 6 wheels. How many wheels do the elves need?
(8) Carolers
I was a caroler today. We went to 5 houses and sang 6 songs at each house. How many songs did I sing?
(9) Christmas Is Here
If Jonathan got 5 times more presents than Rachelle, and Rachelle got 5 presents, how many presents does Jonathan have?
(10) Leprechauns
There were three leprechauns and 7,777 leprechauns joined them. How many in all?

(1) Molly, age 9, grade 3, Cedar Creek School, Mrs. Letlow's class, Ruston, Louisiana, U.S., December 10, 2002
(2) April, age 11, grade 5, Mrs. Dodd's class, December 11, 2002
(3) Ashley, age 10, grade 5, Detroit, Michigan, U.S., December 11, 2002
(4) and (5) Jacob R.; and (6) - (8) Cody; both age 10, grade 4, Manteno Elementary School, Ms. Weddell's class, Manteno, Illinois, U.S., December 16, 2002
(9) Benjamin, age 12, grade 7, Oberon School, Mrs. Wysong's class, Arvada, Colorado, U.S., December 18, 2002
(10) Sadie, age 11, grade 4, Princeton School, Doro's class, Princeton, Wisconsin, U.S., December 19, 2002

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