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Alley Cat #16

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(1) Dolphins
There were 20 dolphins. 10 left. 10 came back. 17 left and only 12 came back because the rest died. How many died?
(2) Bananas
Stacie bought four cases of bananas. There are 10 bananas in each case. How many bananas does Stacie have now?
(3) Apples
Mrs. Henderson bought 5 packages of apples with 6 in each packages. How many apples were there all together?
(4) Presents for Little Kids
If I have 9,000 boxes of toys and I give Santa 800 of them, how many would I have for my family?
(5) Puppies
My dog had thirteen puppies. My next door neighbor bought three puppies. My grandma five puppies. One week later my grandma brought back three puppies and my next door neighbor brought all of his back. How many puppies do I have?
(6) How Many in All?
My dog had 7 puppies. On Monday she had 10 more. On Tuesday she had 16 more. The next Monday she had 17 more. How many do I have now?
(7) Lots of Dogs
If I had 89 dogs and my friend Ashleigh gave me 989 more, how many dogs would I have?
(8) Hockey Games
During the month of November, the Detroit Red Wings won 19 games, tied 2 games and lost 3 games. How many games did they play in November?
(9) Sydney's Soccer Balls
Sydney has 39 soccer balls. She loses 12 and then gets 14 more. How many soccer balls does Sydney have?

(1) Alex, age 11, grade 5, SST, Holtegaard's class, Rochester, Minnesota, U.S., November 29, 2002
(2) Lindsay and (3) Samantha, age 9, grade 4, Haderline School, Kay Montee's class, Girard, Kansas, U.S., December 2, 2002
(4) Evita, age 7, grade 2, Cholle Lake Elementary School, Ms. Siver's class, West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., December 2, 2002
(5) Tonny, age 9, and (6) Haley F., age 10; both in grade 4, Donald D. Stalker Elementary School, Mrs. Behrend's class, Blackfoot, Idaho, U.S., December 3, 2002
(7) A.P., December 4, 2002
(8) Kaylin, age 8, grade 3, Franklin Road Christian School, Ms. McCready's class, Novi, Michigan, U.S., December 4, 2002
(9) Alexa and (10) Sydney, both age 8, grade 3, American Heritage Academy, Ms. Bandy's class, Canton, Georgia, U.S., December 5, 2002

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