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Alley Cat #15

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(1) Ron's Friends
There were 7 kids visiting each day at Ron's house. There were 7 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. How many kids visited at Ron's house during those 3 days?
(2) The Tale of Apples
If Jake has 72 apples and gave 3 to Chloe and 4 to Dylan, how many apples does Jake have left?
(3) Runnings Cats
There were 56 cats in a tree. 7 more came. 6 got out of the tree. How many cats are left?
(4) Cats
There are 678 cats in a tree. 82 leave, and 600 more come. How many cats are there now?
(5) Runaway Cats
Amy had 50 cats but 10 ran away. Then another 17 cats ran away the next month. How many cats are left?
(6) Shirts
There were 7 blue shirts, 5 white shirts, and 40 red shirts. But 12 shirts got lost. How many shirts are left?
(7) Kittens
There were 221 kittens. 345 more were born. How many kittens were there now?
(8) Brides
There were 17 brides walking down the aisle. 763 more came. How many brides were walking down the aisle?
(9) Beans in a Can
I have 4 cans. Each can holds 6 beans. How many beans in all?
(10) Kittens Missing
At a pet store there were 20 kittens. One day the kittens started disappearing. First 3 disappeared and then 12 disappeared. Then 2 more disappeared. How many were left?

(1) German, age 11, and (2) Melanie, age 12; both in grade 6, S. E. Shull School, Ms. Novello and Ms. Vaughan's class, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, U.S., November 22, 2002
(3) no name and (4) Connie, age 8, grade 3, Loara Elementary School, Mrs. Madden's class, Anaheim, California, U.S., November 24 and 28, 2002
(5) no name, age 11, grade 6, Port Susan Middle School, Mrs. Vizzmanoes' class, Washington, U.S., November 25, 2002
(6) Marie, age 11, grade 6, S. E. Shull School, Ms. Sabine's class, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, U.S., November 26, 2002
(7) and (8) Claire, age 9, grade 3, Miami Valley School, Miss Shaver's class, Bellbrook, Ohio, U.S., November 26 and 29, 2002
(9) Taylor M., age 10, grade 5, Hoover Elementary School, Mrs. Murdie's class, Tonawanda, New York, U.S., November 26, 2002
(10) Leah, age 9, grade 4, Kings Highway School, Ms. Garrick's class, Westport, Connecticut, U.S., November 29, 2002

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