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Alley Cat #14

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(1) Wonderful Math
I have $150. My mom gave me $7 more, but I wasted the $7. Then I paid my friend $3 back. How much do I have left?
(2) Computer Problem
There are 3 computers. There are 12 students. How many students need to share each computer?
(3) How Many Cats?
There were 5 cats. 5 more came, then 3 left. Later 15 more came. Then the other 3 came back. How many are there now?
(4) Basketball
There were 26 kids playing basketball. 2 of them quit, then 7 more quit. How many players were left?
(5) How Many Kids?
There were 24 girls, 28 boys. All of them were playing hide-and-seek. 5 of the girls got tired so they stopped playing. How many kids were still playing?
(6) Cats in a City
There are 876 cats in a city. If 720 of them are baby cats, how many are adults?
(7) Subtraction is Your Challengebr>There were 200 words on the board. Miss Novello came into the class room and erased 96 words off the board. How many words are left on the board?  
(8) Indecision Party
There were 16 people at a party. 2 of them left, then 4 more people came to the party. How many people were at the party now?
(9) Limited Too
Jasmine has $30.00. She wanted to buy 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of sneakers. Together they cost $30.00, but with tax it was $32.00. How much more money does she need?
(10) Baseball Cards
My mom brought three packs of baseball cards at five dollars each. How much did she spend?

(1) Marvin, age 11, Ms. Sabine's class;
(2) Noel, (3) Noel, (4) Shaina, and (5) Jennifer S., age 11; and (6) Rolando, age 12; Ms. Daly and Ms. Vaughan's class;
(7) Stefanie, (8) Karla, and (9) Korina, age 11; and (10) Antonio, age 12; Ms. Novello and Mrs. Vaughan's class;
all in grade 6, S. E. Shull School, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, U.S., November 22, 2002

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