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Alley Cat #12

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(1) Connor
Connor went to the store 2 times. Each time she went she got 9 apples. How many apples are there in all?
(2) Birds
There were 10 branches on a tree. Nine birds sat on each of the 10 tree branches. How many birds are on all of the branches?
(3) Candy
Emam has nine pices of candy. Each piece is worth five cents. How much money did the candy cost?
(4) Dressed to the Nines
A fancy lady needed to go to a party. She got dressed up and she wore 9 necklaces and 9 bracelets and 9 toe rings and 9 rings. How many pieces of jewelry did she have on altogether? How many toes and how many fingers did not have a ring if she put only one ring on each toe and finger?
(5) Thanksgiving
There are 4 turkeys. Each turkey has 5 white feathers. How many white feathers in all?
(6) Basketball
I shot four slam dunks. Each equals two points. How many points did I score?
(7) Dogs at the Pound
Joe got 2 dogs from the pound. There had been 244 dogs at the pound before Joe got his dogs. After that, Joe's friend gave him 20 more dogs. How many dogs does Joe have now?
(8) The Candy Bars
Mary had 800 candy bars. She gave 369 to Mike and then Mike gave 256 to Sally. How many do Mary and Mike have in all?
(9) Cats
I had 15 cats. I set 10 cats free. Then I got 25 more. Then 15 ran away. How many cats do I have now?
(10) Dogs
I had 100 dogs. 50 ran away. 100 more came. I lost 25. My friend gave me 25 more. How many dogs do I have now?

(1) John, age 9; and (2) Tobi, (3) Alyssa, and (4) Alsey, age 8; all in grade 3, The Raleigh School, Mr. Sather and Mrs. Jacobs' class, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., November 4, 2002
(5) Grace M., (6) Rickey, and (7) Alessandro, all age 9, grade 4, Kings Highway School, Ms. Loss and Ms. Sappington's class, Westport, Connecticut, U.S., November 4, 2002
(8) Dillion, Brittani, and T'Neje, age 10, grade 3, Hawthorne Elementary School, Ms. Kelly Brown's class, Hampton, Georgia, U.S., November 8, 2002
(9) and (10) Ashley, age 11, grade 5, West Bradford Elementary School, Mrs. Cooke's class, Coatesville, Pennsylvania, U.S., November 11, 2002

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