Old Egyptian Math Cats

Old Egyptian Math Cats knew fractions like  1/2  or  1/4 
(one piece of a pie).

But to make fractions like 3/4,
they had to add pieces of pies
like  1/2  +  1/4  =  3/4.

Old Egyptian Math cats
never repeated the same
fraction when adding.

They never wrote:
1/4  +  1/4  +  1/4  =  3/4

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Ancient Egyptians really did write fractions this way!

Instead of writing  2/5, they wrote  1/3  +  1/15.  For  2/7, they wrote  1/4  +  1/28.
Some of the fractions were very complicated.
For  2/29, they wrote  1/24  +  1/58  +  1/174  +  1/232 !

How do we know about Egyptian fractions? The written record goes all the way back to 1650 B.C.: the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus contains a table of Egyptian fractions copied from another papyrus 200 years older. Ancient Egyptians needed to understand a lot of complex mathematics to create a table like this. We know they used this system for over 2,000 years... but we don't know why!

part of the Rhind papyrus

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