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(1) Cats
I have 10 cats. 5 ran away. How many cats do I have left?
(2) The Hit Away Kid
I am the Hit away Kid. I am in a pickle. Can you help me? All right, if I am between 2 bases, first and second, and I get a chance to choose which base to go to but the 2nd baseman has the ball, how many choices do I have left?
(3) I Am Number One
There was one dog at the park. Five more dogs came. How many dogs are in the park now?
(4) Shark
There were 2 sharks. 1 left, 2 came. How many are left?
(5) The Subtraction Story
There were 10 dogs. 2 dogs had no tails. How many dogs have tails?
(6) The Three Boys
There are 3 boys. 2 boys did not want to be friends. How many boys are left that want to be friends?
(7) The 8 Friends
There are 8 friends. 6 of them had to go in for dinner. How many friends are left?
(8) Math Cats
There were 9 cats that knew math and later 5 more knew math. How many know math now?
(9) Six Dogs
There are six dogs. Four of them go to sleep. How many are awake?
(10) Dance
I am in 7 dance classes. I have to quit 2. How many classes do I take now?

(1) Gohan, age 10
(2) Jonathan, age 9
(3) Corrin, age 9
(4) Beau, age 9
(5) Shelley, age 8
(6) Noe, age 9
(7) Christopher, age 8
(8) Katie, age 9
(9) Brooke, age 9
Students (1) - (9) are in Ms. Gongora's third grade class at Northampton Elementary School in Spring, Texas. These stories were sent to Math Cats on March 27, 2002.

(10) CJ, age 9, grade 4, Fredonia Elementary School, Mrs. Price's class, Fredonia, New York, U.S., October 12, 2001

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