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The Scaredy Cats are sleeping. They'll wake up when you click them. And they'll be scared.
If you say, "Mice!! Hide!!" they'll run off and hide!

You and the computer will take turns teasing these poor Scaredy Cats. But you don't want
to be left scaring the last cat. If you're stuck with the last Scaredy Cat, you lose.

You can wake up from 1 to 4 neighboring cats in the same row or column. Click "Mice!! Hide!!" to scare them off. Then the computer will take its turn and more cats will run off.

You can let the computer go first if you click the "Mice!! Hide!!" button without waking up any cats. (At the tiger level, the computer is so clever that it will always win if you go first, so be sure to let the computer start.)


(The original version of this game, TacTix, can be found at

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