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Colors Game
Colors Game applet developed and shared by Sergey Chernov

How to Play:
The gameboard opens in a pop-up window in the left corner. Please be sure to unblock pop-ups from this site if the gameboard does not appear.

Click a colored chip, then click an empty space to move the chip. You need a clear path between the chip and the space. After you line up 5 or more chips of the same color, the chain will disappear. You earn points for every move and points for making chains. The longer your chain, the more points you'll earn.

After each move, you'll find 3 more chips on the board! But if you make a chain longer than 5 chips, you'll get extra moves before new chips appear. If you don't need the extra moves, press "Skip," and you'll earn bonus points.

Hint:  If you are losing, don't just press restart - skip the rest of your moves until the board fills. This way you'll get as many points as you can. Close the gameboard window when you are done playing.