Haunted Hill is full of spooks... but how many? and which kinds? We need your help to find out!

Peek into the window of each haunted house you come to. But haunted house windows are dirty! Click and wipe gently with your computer mouse to clean each window.* Who is inside? Keep track with a pencil and paper.

You can also click and drag everything you see. Change things around! Make more of them! (Drag the moon or the hill on this page to try it.)

Then click on the arrow path to go on to the next house. Keep circling through the four neighborhoods until you think you've counted enough spooks for now. (The more you count, the better your results will be! But only count spooks in the windows. You never know who will be hiding there!)

Click on the mailbox in Spookville to send your results on a spook survey form.

(Use the mailbox in Spookville, not here!)
So... why count spooks? It is a math experiment in probability. We've set the odds of you finding each kind of spook. The more spooks you count, the better your chance of figuring out the probabilities! You will be able to see the odds after you send your results.

Now if you're ready to start counting... click on the arrow path!

* P.S. If you have any problems getting the project to work:

Mac users: We are terribly sorry, but the Java applet used to clean the windows and randomly select a spook does not seem to work properly with Macs. The page may have difficulty loading, and then you may just see a white or gray rectangle instead of a dirty window. Maybe you can try this using a friend's computer?? You can still move everything around in the neighborhoods.)

AOL users: If you can't see the dirty windows, please use Internet Explorer or Netscape to explore Haunted Hill.

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